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EASA PC-12 Single Engine Turbine Class Rating

  • Dit veld is bedoeld voor validatiedoeleinden en moet niet worden gewijzigd.

EASA Pilatus PC-12 Single Engine Turbine Class Rating Training

  • We are proud to offer you the lowest-cost discount price rates for Pilatus PC-12 Class-Rating training available in Europe.

The PC-12 class rating includes:

– PC-12 Ground course 4.900,- Euro excl. VAT
– 10 hrs of flight-time on the Pilatus PC-12 charged at 1280,- Euro per hour = 12.800,-
– Class-Rating-Instructor PC-12: 600,- per day
– Flight-Examiner PC-12: 400,- per exam
-All training is done at Maastricht EHBK airport in the Netherlands or any other airport at a surcharge

Total 19.900,- Euro

  • We are one of the very few schools where you can do your PC-12 Class Rating Training on our own Pilatus PC-12 45 legacy aircraft for very attractive all-in rates! (Training on your own aircraft is also possible of course.)
  • World-Class Flight PC-12 Instructors: Former Tornado Luftwaffe pilots with more than 3.000 hrs on type
  • Resident PC-12 Sr. examiner with more than 10.000 hrs on type

So if you need a fast, efficient, flexible and low-cost PC-12 Class-Rating training solution at discount rates call us at +31-6-42195862 (24/7, Whatsapp)

  • NEW: 7 days distance learning ground course, including 1 day presence learning, to study all aircraft systems

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • PPL(A) or higher
  • SEP(A) or MEP(A) Class Rating
  • HPA (High Performance Airplane) or ATPL(a) theory
  • 200 hours total flying minimum and minimum 70 hours as PIC
  • Medical Certificate Class 1 or Class 2 with IR

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