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EASA PC-12 Single Engine Turbine Class Rating

EASA PC-12 Single Engine Turbine Class Rating

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EASA PC-12 Single Engine Turbine Class Rating

  • We are proud to offer you the lowest-cost discount rates for the PC-12 Class-Rating training available in Europe.

– PC-12 Ground course 4.900,- Euro excl. VAT

– 10 hrs of flight-time on the Pilatus PC-12 charged at 1280,- Euro per hour

– Class-Rating-Instructor PC-12: 600,- per day

– Flight-Examiner PC-12: 500,- per exam

  • We are also the only school where you can not only train on your own aircraft but also use our PC-12 for very attractive all-in rates!
  • World-Class Flight PC-12 Instructors: Former Tornado pilots with following credentials:

License & Ratings
EU Flight Crew License: ATPL(A) DE.FCL.3341014401
– EMB 500/505:                PIC/ IR  SP  & MP Ops (31.07.2018)
– Learjet 20/30:                PIC/ IR (30.04.2018)
– PC-12:                             PIC (30.04.2018) / IR (30.04.2018) / CRI (31.05.2019)
– MEP(L):                           PIC / IR (30.06.2018)
– SEP(L):                            PIC / IR (30.06.2018)
– Flight Instructor:          PPL / CPL / SE & ME SP / IR, Instructor, Aerobatic, Night (31.05.2019)
– Examiner:                     CRE: PC-12 / SEP / MEP (30.09.2018)

FAA Airline Transport Pilot License           (CE-500, EMB505, Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land)

EASA Class I Medical (unrestricted)

Flight experience                            (incl. 3363h as Flight Instructor / Examiner)

Flight HoursPICCOPTotalLast 12 Months
Multi Engine Aircraft1993h653h2646h392h
Single Engine Turbine (PC-12)2629h2629h42h
Single Engine Piston3104h3104h57h
Military Jet (WSO)3200h3200h


  • Resident Senior PC-12 Flight Examiner with 10.000+ hrs on type.

So if you need a fast, efficient, flexible and low-cost PC-12 Class-Rating training solution at discount rates call us at +31-6-42195862 (24/7, whatsapp)

The PC-12 class rating includes

  • NEW: 7 days distance learning ground course, including 1 day presence learning, to study all aircraft systems
  • 10 block hours of flight training to experiment and master the flexibility and diversity of this incredible versatile aircraft.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • PPL(A) or higher
  • SEP(A) or MEP(A) Class Rating
  • HPA (High Performance Airplane) or ATPL(a) theory
  • 200 hours total flying minimum and minimum 70 hours as PIC
  • Medical Certificate Class 1 or Class 2 with IR

Read our unique flight training Wiki, the only place in NL where all EASA regulations are briefly and concisely summarized for all types of pilot training!

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