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ExecutiveFlight is an independent company with years of experience (since 2001) in the private aircraft industry; our company was developed to assist clients with their private aircraft procurement & operational needs. Our range of expertise is very wide and ranges literally from Cessna 152’s to Intercontinental Gulfstream jets.

So if you want to buy, lease, rent or fractionally share a private jet like p.e. a Citation, Learjet, Falcon, Hawker or a Gulfstream or a turbo-prop like a Pilatus PC-12 or Beech King-Air or even a small training aircraft you have found the right partner! We combine our experience in the industry with up-to-date information from our industry experts to provide you with the insightful, detailed information you need to make the right decisions every step of the way.

Note carefully that aviation is a very complex business segment due to its overregulation, capital intensity and highly technical nature. There are also substantial risks and liabilities involved that come into play when dealing with aircraft type selection, procurement, due-diligence, escrow, finance, fiscal optimisation, crewing and flight operations. You’ll want to have a team of industry insiders working only on your behalf, and in such a way that you only have to “hop in” and enjoy your aircraft without having to worry about all the nitty-gritty aviation stuff.

Our services are only a minute fraction of the plane cost and we guarantee you that you will save much more due to better deals, faster lead-times and reduced liabilities.
Our USP is the fact that with our assistance you will be able to manage and fly your plane yourself instead of having to go to an operator with very high cost structures, overheads and margins, so you will save lots of money in the end with much more control of your project an flight-operations!

Whether you are interested in the purchase or sale of a private jet or are considering committing to a private aircraft charter company, ExecutiveFlight will assist you in every step of the process.

During stage 1: Feasibility-Study, we analyse your unique situation to create a comprehensive needs assessment, then use this information to locate the best solutions. We conduct cost analyses on each option and compare them with historical data and financial records to provide highly accurate cost projections.

Then in stage 2: Project, we do all the work necessary until you are ready to make your first flight in your own jet! We also provide our clients with a comprehensive Operational Safety Report of each aircraft service provider to ensure optimum operational safety.  Finally, we negotiate terms and complete a business review of the documents, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.

Finally during stage 3: Operations, we crew, schedule and operate your aircraft.

ExecutiveFlight is paid solely by you, our private aircraft client.  We have no hidden agendas.  Simply put, we are here to represent your best interests, a true partner in the decision making process.   ExecutiveFlight has the experience, resources and knowledge to locate your optimum solution.  With ExecutiveFlight as your representative or partner, you can navigate your private aircraft transaction with confidence.

Please download our Aircraft Project Template to see all the factors we take into account when dealing with your query and learn the many reasons how not to buy your aircraft. You can do that via the form below this text.

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