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Glass Cockpit Conversion (G1000)

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Paper maps and cockpits with heaps of analog clocks are quickly becoming outdated these days… The glass cockpit with moving map and a very accurate presentation of all the flight data can take an enormous workload out of the pilot’s hands and adds much value especially in instrument flying. However, the pilot should be able to control the Garmin G1000 in an excellent manner, because in the case of absence of currency, flying with these screens with their complex menu structure demands a lot of extra attention. In this way, of course, safety becomes an issue. Therefore it is important to follow a very good training and have lots of practice.

This course is an ideal combination with our “digital flight” workshop …

Read our unique flight training Wiki, the only place in NL where all EASA regulations are briefly and concisely summarized for all types of pilot training!

Glass Cockpit Conversion (G1000):
For this course we would like to make a quotation depending on an the entry level of the candidate, his experience and his goals.

Specific advantages of the Glass Cockpit Conversion (G1000) at Executive Flight


  • Installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) with all kinds of extra apps and a pin-compatible G1000 for home training. Saves a lot of time and money as a procedure trainer.
  • Possibility to take remote flying lessons at home with FSX via the web, with a live instructor.
  • Aircraft with the G1000 and G1000 and FNPTII simulator available which are the first in the Netherlands to be completely PBN / GNSS / GPS approved, so you’re immediately ready for the future! Every pilot needs to follow this module in 2018 to 2012.
  • Combination training possible with our “digital flight” workshop.


Theory location

Available at the following locations:

Meer (nearby Breda)
Londenstraat 7, 2321 Meer/Hoogstraten, Belgium

flight locations

Antwerp International Airport
Luchthavenlei 1, bus 32, 2100 Antwerp, B

Liege Airport
Rue de l’Aeroport, 4460 Grace-Hollogne, B

Charleroi Airport
Rue des Fusillés, B-6041 Gosselies, B


Upon request.

Glass Cockpit Conversion (G1000) training program

Program: (adjustable according to your preference)

  • 4 hours briefings
  • Installation of Microsoft flight simulator (FSX) with all kinds of help apps and 2 hours dual training on MS FSX to practice at home
  • 4 hours of dual training on (FNPTII) G1000 Simulator
  • 2 flights with an airplane fitted with G1000 glass cockpit

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