Hyper Flexible

Open 24/7, fly whenever you want.

High training standard

Personal and patient approach.

The lowest prices

Top price / performance ratio.

Flight Training

Private pilot : Private Pilot License (PPL)

Airline Transport Pilot Licence Training (ATPL)

ATPL Theoretical course

Night Qualification (NQ)

Instrument Rating (IR, EIR, CBMIR)

Multi Engine Piston Rating (VFR-IFR)

Other modular flight training

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Multi-Crew-Coördination Course (MCC) and Jet orientation Course (JOC)

ICAO/FAA to EASA Conversion

Glass Cockpit Conversion (G1000)

Digital Flight course

Profcheck & License renewal

PBN: GNSS/GPS approach course

Flight Instructor Training (FI, IRI, CRI)

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