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ATPL theoretical course

ATPL theoretical course

The theoretical training of Executive Flight Academy for airline transport pilots is a unique combination of distance learning based ultramodern e-learning tools and good old-fashioned class tuition with a teacher and some chalk on the blackboard. We are combining “best of both worlds”. Make no mistake, at Executive Flight you really get the personal attention you need if you have questions about the curriculum.

EFA uses the online digital classroom of Scandinavian Airline Academy (SAA) so you can do a lot of the studywork in your own time/home while a team of specialist Ground Instructors will answer any question you might have within 48 hours. We can thus reduce the number of classroom teaching hours from 650 to 65. Big savings in course fees, travel(cost), and accommodation!

We also have a unique, partly individual, partly classroom based brush-up course before you are allowed to take your ATPL exams. The composition of these brush-ups is highly effective: Together with our students the ExecutiveFlight Ground Instructor team created a dBase of the most difficult exam questions per exam subject. After you have submitted your answers, all the biggest stumbling blocks in the submitted questions will be treated during the brush up. In short, it’s an excellent preparation which guarantees that you won’t be stuck with your individual questions. And at the same time you do not need to come to boring classes that deal with topics that you have already mastered.

Read our unique flight training Wiki, the only place in NL where all EASA regulations are briefly and concisely summarized for all types of pilot training!

Finally, we also offer individual HWS (homework support)…

At Executive Flight all classes and exams are in English. A MUST for your language skills and for achieving your LPE. (English Language Proficiency Endorsement that all pilots should get)

Unlike the situation in the Netherlands, you can do all the exams in English whenever and wherever you want! You’ll be given the result right away. The exam fee for PPL and ATPL together are only 550, – contrary to 2800, – in the Netherlands!

Comparison of the “total cost of ownership” of the theoretical ATPL training at Executive Flight at other Dutch providers


A Dutch Flight Academy Executive Flight Academy
ATPL Theoretical Course 3895 2999
Examination fees ATPL 2900 550
3 weeks of not working 3000 nvt
15 Hotel stays and / or car mileage 1200 nvt
Travel and subsistence exam & Brush-Up 500
TOTAL € 10995 € 3549
ATPL theoretical course: € 3.836

We have made every effort to minimize prices.


Web based Distance learning system€ 2.921
Brush-up course
Homework Support & Paper books
ATP-Online questionbank access 6 months€ 250
total€ 3.171
VAT€ 666

Specific advantages of the ExecutiveFlight ATPL theory course

  • Examination fees 450,- in stead of 2100,- euros in the Netherlands!
  • Examination in the following languages of your choice English, German, French or Dutch, unlike the situation in the Netherlands
  • Online digital classroom of Scandinavian Airline Academy guarantees to have all your open questions answered by a whole team of ground instructors within 48 hours
  • Fully individual tailor made courses. You decide where and when you are taught. Study whereever and ever you want!
  • No three-week brush-ups in a large group keeping you from your job.
  • Combine your discount low-cost “distance learning course” with normal classroom tuition and individual Home Work Support tailored to your needs and preliminary education. You choose to follow the theoretical ATPL course either fulltime or part-time through distance learning or any hybrid form that best suits your needs.
  • Unique ATPL examination database with almost all exam questions WITH detailed worked out questions / computations!
  • Oxford Books, Videos & Computer Based Training (CBT’s)


Theory location

Londenstraat 7, 2321 Meer/Hoogstraten (B) nearby Breda
Along the Breda-Antwerp motorway at the border


6 to 18 months.

Course program ATPL theoretical course

The theory curriculum for airline transport pilots (ATPL) includes 14 courses all of which can be taken at once or in two test blocks of 7 subjects. A full-time student will spend 6-9 months to pass all subjects and a part-time student about 12-18. Our hybrid Classroom / Distance Learning training concept is divided into the following stages:

  •   Home study
  •   Progress Test
  •   Brush-Up
  •   Practice exam
  •   Exam (optional Home Work Support on individual basis possible)

Each exam block of 7 subjects takes 2 days.

Block A test session (2 days)

  •   General Navigation
  •   Flight Planning & Monitoring
  •   Human Performance & Limitations
  •   Performance
  •   Principles of Flight
  •   Mass & Balance
  •   Radio Navigation

Block B 2nd exam session (2 days)

  •   Operational Procedures
  •   VFR Communications & IFR Communications
  •   Performance
  •   Aviation Law
  •   Aircraft General Knowledge
  •   Meteorology
  •   Instruments


The ATPL theory consists of 14 subjects and together with the CPL license it results into a so-called “frozen ATPL”. A frozen ATPL gives the holder the right to serve as first officer in a mulit-pilot operation (airline). With a CPL alone one can only work in single pilot operations, and there are only very few left of these. So it is strongly recommended to pass the ATPL theory.

Initial requirements

PPL from any country / jurisdiction: United States (FAA), Europe (EASA) and the rest of the world (ICAO)

Theoretical course

14 Theoretical subjects divided into 2 blocks. Each block must be completed in seven days at the examination center in Brussels. There can be maximum six months between the exams for those blocks and when you have passed everything the theory remains valid for 36 months. During this period, the candidate must obtain his commercial pilot license (CPL) and the Instrument Rating (IR). A candidate must have completed all the theoretical exams within 18 months.


Within 36 months your need to obtain your CPL and IR otherwise your so-called “theory credit” expires. After that, if you let your licenses and ratings expire for more than 7 years you lose everything.

Other information

The ATPL theoretical course consists of the following subjects: principles of flight, meteorology, navigation, radio navigation, human performance, flight planning, performance, mass and balance, VFR Communications, IFR communications, instrumentation, aircraft general knowledge, aviation legislation and operational procedures.

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